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July 16, 2012

One Bad Link Can Put You in the Clink

Do you have a website? Do you know someone who has a website? Either way, you might want to read this next article.
July 12, 2012
mother of the year award

How Not to Get a Job…But A Good Way To Go To Jail

In this economy, getting a job for most people has been extremely difficult. There just aren't enough jobs...
July 11, 2012
surprised face what

School House Rock Becomes Jail House Lock for Parents

Being a parent is one of the greatest things there is. Not only do you get to experience the pride and love that comes...
July 10, 2012
little girl car

Never Use Your Children as Hood Ornaments

Driving while intoxicated is never a good thing…especially when it involves children. Even worse (as if there can be a thing)...
June 28, 2012
cash money

$1.5 million spent in 14 days = 15 Months in Prison

Imagine yourself taking money out of the ATM and realizing that due to some computer glitch you are able to withdraw an endless supply of money. That's what happened to a Detroit man, Ronald page, in August of 2009. Page managed to withdraw more than $1.5 million from ATMs at three different Detroit casinos.
June 27, 2012

Speed Trap Warning = Jail Time Scorning

Have you ever been driving down the road (maybe a little too fast) and were then pulled over by a highway...
June 26, 2012
pretty woman

Caught in the Act: Private Moments in a Public Parking Lot

Intimacy is something that every human craves. It is what makes us who we are. Whether it...
June 22, 2012

Being a Vampire Sucks

I will never understand the fascination people have with vampires. I mean, what is so great about being undead?
June 21, 2012
laughing lol haha

Baseballs vs Brains, You Decide

If you are a baseball fan, than you know how great a visit to the stadium is. Nothing beats walking down that tunnel...
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