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December 19, 2012
go to jail

Bail Bonds, Naked Pics and an Angry Scarlet Johansson

Hacking into someone's cell phone might seem like a pretty ridiculous crime to most, but when that cell phone belongs to...
December 17, 2012
jail arrested

Bail Bonds, Rock Stars and Fake Kidnappings: It’s No Joke

Playing a practical joke on your friends can be a pretty funny thing…if pulled off in a way that no one gets hurt. However, sometimes...
December 12, 2012
social media

Friend Me or Rob Me…Can Facebook Get you Arrested?

The value of social media continues to unfold in our society. Sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn are still...
December 7, 2012
don't be dumb

Bail Bonds and Bellies: Getting Yourself in a Hole Lot of Trouble

From the movies Escape from Alcatraz to The Shawshank Redemption, the American public is always enamored with a good prison escape film.
December 6, 2012

Bail Bonds and Brainiacs: Not Enough Time for Love

Sometimes you read a story in the news that makes you smile and gives you renewed confidence in mankind…and sometimes you read...
December 5, 2012
woman laughing duh

Things to do in London When You’re Naked

After a very successful hosting of the 2012 Summer Olympics, the city of London re-established itself as one of the most interesting and fun cities...
December 4, 2012
bail bond jail

Bail Bonds and Babies: Just Give that Guy a Condom

Lately there have been a lot of crazy sentences being handed down by judges around the country. From homework assignments to date nights to standing on the corner with a humiliating sign...
December 3, 2012
pretty woman

Too Sexy for Her Uniform

Is it possible to be too sexy? According to the Chinese Government it is. It is a crime most of us will probably never be charged with...
November 30, 2012

A Kidney for an Apple How Badly do You Want an iPad

Gotta have it! That has become the mantra for many consumers this holiday season. Doing and paying whatever...
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