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February 20, 2017
arrested expertbail mug shot

Florida Man Charged with Trying to Blow Up Target Stores to Tank Company’s Stock

This guy really had it out for Target! He was determined to tank the company's stock, but when his plan was to do it by setting off homemade explosives in several East Coast Target stores was foiled by a co-conspirator, he was the one that was tanked!
February 14, 2017
jail arrested

Inmates Escape Prison and Break Back In

Inmates trying to break OUT of prison is nothing new, but trying to break back in?
January 28, 2017
gender reveal

Couple’s Gender Reveal Lands Them in Trouble with the Law

Ashley and Jon Sterkel were ready to announce their big news with a bang recently! Their first baby was a boy! But the exploding target they set off that was supposed to include blue smoke to signal the baby boy, ended up being a MUCH bigger blast that anyone anticipated! It also resulted in an unanticipated ticket!
January 25, 2017
Copyright: milkos / 123RF Stock Photo

Thieves Take Selfies on Stolen iPad, Gets Busted

A man recently had his iPad stolen along with thousands of dollars in cash and electronics from his truck. Who knew that one of the stolen items would actually help him to catch the suspects! It seems to be happening more and more these days.
January 17, 2017
arrested expertbail mug shot

Man Gets 22 Years in Prison After Stealing TV Remote

The residents of an apartment complex had had enough of never being able to find the TV remote control in the common area! Turns out a man had been repeatedly stealing it, but worse yet, this wasn't his first time!For his violations, he was sentenced to 22 years in prison!
January 12, 2017
drunk woman dui alcohol

Woman Flees From Cops, Drives into River, Drinks Beer

This woman had quite an interesting approach to hiding from cops that were looking for her. She accelerated her car straight into the Susquehanna River!
January 5, 2017
marijuana weed pot

Couple Arrested for Cannabis Christmas Tree

Police recently raided a home that they had good reason to believe had cannabis growing at the property, but were stumped at first. Turns out, what appeared to be a festively decorated Christmas tree, complete with tinsel, baubles and a golden angel on top wasn't what it appeared to be!
December 27, 2016
jail arrested

Kickboxing Instructor Continues Classes While on Worker’s Comp

This guy wasn't going to let a little thing like collecting $37,000 in workers' compensation benefits sideline his gig of working as a kickboxing instructor!
December 21, 2016

Bail Bond Agent Hosts Annual Bike Giveaway for Children in Houston

ExpertBail Agent, Kelvin Hampton, and his brother, Former NFL star Rodney Hampton, are spreading a little Christmas joy throughout the Houston, Texas area.
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