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January 10, 2013

Bail Bonds, Handcuffs and a Taco Bell

Have you ever been head over heels in love with someone? You know, where you would do just about anything for them? It is a great feeling…
January 9, 2013

Bail Bonds, Prostitutes and Customer Service

As we write this blog post we are not only shocked, but also silently shaking our head from side to side in disbelief.
January 8, 2013

Misguided Creativity with 9-1-1 Call Leads to Jail Time

With many states now prohibiting the use of a cell phone while driving a motor vehicle, people have had to either kick the..
January 7, 2013

Bail Bonds, Kitty Cats and Jailbreaks

If you own a pet, then you have probably seen your pet at one time or another do some pretty funny things. For example...
January 4, 2013

Facebook, Driving Drunk and the Super-Stupid

If driving drunk is stupid (and trust us when we say that it is), then driving drunk and telling the world on Facebook that you did...
January 3, 2013

Bail Bonds: Blame it on the Booze

For years people have blamed alcohol for many things. From beer goggles at the local nightclub to stupid stunts with a Taser...
January 2, 2013

Bail Bonds, Samurais and a Naked Guy

Which headline sounds worse..."Man with Samurai Sword on the Loose" or "Naked Man with Samurai Sword on the Loose."
December 21, 2012

Bail Bonds, Bullies and a Dude in Batman Underwear

Sometimes the delivery of a message is more powerful than the message itself. At least that is what a Severn, Maryland
December 20, 2012

Bail Bonds, School Pranks and Morning Breeze

Have you ever been the victim of a school prank? You know, when someone puts gum in your locker or sticks a...