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October 21, 2011

How to Turn Boots into a Bail Bond

If you want to know how to turn a pair of boots into a bail bond then just ask the Uniontown, Ohio man who was recently arrested for walking out of a Walmart without paying for his boots
October 19, 2011

Bail Bonds & Jail Info: Columbia, SC

If someone you know has been arrested and needs a bail bond agent in Columbia, South Carolina, read this blog.
October 18, 2011
mother of the year award

Bail Bonds and Fairytales

For years one of things that has plagued the bail bond profession has been the portrayal of the industry by Hollywood and the media...
October 17, 2011
ice cream

Baking Bail Bonds: Cupcake Attack Puts Woman in Jail

Domestic violence is never a laughing matter. It comes in all forms and doesn't always involve a man attacking a women.
October 13, 2011
woman laughing duh

Bail Bonds and Barbers: What’s up with the Amish?

Is it just us or does it seem like whenever you pick up a paper nowadays there is a story about an Amish person getting put in jail and needed a bail bond? Well yesterday was no different.
October 11, 2011
New York Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds & Jail Info: New York, NY

If you know of someone who has recently been placed in jail in New York, New York and you are in need of a bail bond agent, check out the blog for jail and bail information.
October 10, 2011

ExpertBail Consumer Tip: Prison Phone Scam

Have you received a collect phone call from a prison inmate? It's a scam! Read the full story by clicking on the link.
October 7, 2011
mother of the year award

I wish ____ was as easy as getting out of jail with ExpertBail

We are tapping into the creativity to our Facebook fans and ask you to complete the following sentence: "I wish ____ was as easy as getting out of jail with ExpertBail."
October 6, 2011

Bail Bonds: Playing a Role in Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

In an effort to send a strong message to domestic violence offenders, the New Jersey senate recently passed a bill to make things tougher on violators.
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