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June 10, 2014

Media Overload: Making “Crazy” Famous

One doesn't have to search very hard these days to be inundated with negative news stories.
June 9, 2014
laughing lol haha

BINGO BALLS!!! Senior Busted for Being Too Friendly in Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Home

Today's bail bond blog is about people getting in trouble and arrested for things that you might...
June 6, 2014

To Friend or Not To Friend? A Facebook Faux Pas

If someone decides they want to lead a life of crime at some point they need to learn how to do so, right?
June 5, 2014
don't be dumb

Bail Bonds and Beanie Wearing Bandits: Smile for the Camera Mr. Bad Guy

In today's world of high tech gadgets and gizmos, it might be wise to keep up on your technology...
June 3, 2014
social media

Contempt for Facebook Getting Social in the Jurors Box

Have you ever seen someone post content on Facebook that you thought was inappropriate?
June 2, 2014

Bible Bandit Caught Stealing: Apparently She Wanted the Good Book Real Bad

We can't say that we are the most spiritual people in the world...
May 28, 2014
woman cell phone

Bail Bonds and Brainiacs: Cell Phone Bandit Leads Police to Himself

Cell phone technology is great. Being able to make and receive calls from anywhere at any time is just plain awesome.
May 23, 2014
mother of the year award

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Mother of the year or just a bigger bully?

What would you do if your child was the victim of bullying?
May 21, 2014
cash money

Love Your Money, But Don’t LOVE Your Money

How much do you love money? If you are like most people…probably a lot. And just for the record...
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