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November 4, 2011

Eric Granof’s Interview with WBBP AM 1480

Eric Granof, Chief Marketing Officer of ExpertBail, talks about the role that bail bond agents have in the criminal justice system
November 3, 2011

Bail Bonds & Jail Info: New Century, KS

If you or a loved one are in need of a bail bond in New Century, KS, see bail bond details below. To find a trusted bail bond agent, call 800.938.BAIL.
November 1, 2011

Eric Granof’s Interview with WBBP AM

If you are up early tomorrow morning tune into WBBP AM 1480 at 8:00 AM PST to hear ExpertBail's Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Granof, talk about the bail bond industry and the ExpertBail Network
November 1, 2011

ExpertBail Hats on the Loose

ExpertBail caps have recently been spotted in Death Valley, CA. We are not sure how to explain this unusual occurrence but is currently under intense scrutiny and investigation.
October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN... now show us your pumpkins! We want to see how creative you were in carving your pumpkins this year. Share your pics with us on our Facebook page.
October 30, 2011
bail bonds

No Bail Bond for Lego Man

Last Tuesday an 8 foot tall 100 pound "Lego Man" washed up on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota Florida. Legoland officials have stated that they are not involved in the stunt.
October 27, 2011

TRICK OR TREAT: Halloween Trivia

How much do you know about Halloween? Take a shot at answering some of our tricky Halloween trivia questions.
October 26, 2011
arrested expertbail mug shot

Reed Still on the Loose – Nationwide Manhunt Underway

Rondell Reed escaped from the Indian River County Jail earlier this week and is still on the loose.
October 24, 2011

ExpertBail Remembers Deputy J.D. Paugh

It is very easy to forget how lucky we are all to have dedicated men and women protecting us and our families at all times. It is also very easy to forget how much real danger is associated with that job.
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