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November 30, 2017

Inmate’s Girlfriend Jailed After Literal Kiss of Death

An Oregon woman's boyfriend was in dire need for some meth. The only problem was he was in jail. Fortunately (and, in the end, unfortunately), his dutiful girlfriend came to his aide.
November 22, 2017

Cops Pull Over Car With Pizza Box License Plate

A driver in Massachusetts is facing charges for fashioning his own license plate out of a pizza box! But don't worry, he classed it up by using magic markers, too.
November 20, 2017

Judge Gives Nasty’ Texter Writing Assignment

There is nothing more satisfying then when judges hand down morally just sentences in court. Which is what just happened to this guy, who continuously wrote his ex-girlfriend nasty text messages!
November 14, 2017

Driver Has Cussing Fit Outside McDonald’s, Has a Major McFail’

It seems a lot of people get into trouble when they decide to stop and grab some fast food before heading home after a night of partying. This guy found out the hard way that it was definitely a big McFail.
November 3, 2017

Police Arrest 74-Year-Old Ninja Thief Suspect

Japanese police had been trying to catch a thief who disguised himself as a ninja for the past decade. When they finally caught their suspect, they were stunned at what they found.
October 30, 2017

Only in Hawaii: Stores Increase Spam Security

A customer in a Safeway grocery store in Hawaii watched in disbelief as a man grabbed eight cases of Spam and headed for the door. Arlene Sua thought, "Okay, this isn't real. No, he's not going to take it, no no." But it was indeed real.
October 25, 2017
bank robber arrested

Man Googles How to Rob a Bank; Arrested for Robbing Bank

If you have to Google how to commit a specific crime, chances are it's probably not something you are even remotely close to getting away with. This guy found that out the hard way!
October 10, 2017

Women Escape Jail, Get Arrested at Escape Game

Well this is quite ironic! Two women escaped from jail recently and decided that they would go to a local Escape Room, where people are timed to see how quickly they can make their way out of a room.
October 4, 2017

Teacher Blew Student Activity Cash On Penny Slots

High school teacher Lydia Johnson, 29, was supposed to coordinate student events, such as homecoming and student-parent trips. However, instead she ended up stealing thousands of dollars from the kids!
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