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June 6, 2011

Last Chance: Help ExpertBail Raise $25,000 for Victims’ Rights

Hey everyone, this is your last chance to help support victims of crime! ExpertBail is donating $5 up to $25,000 for every "Like" we get on our Contribution Page.
June 2, 2011

ExpertBail Agent: Lou Maselli

ExpertBail Agent, Lou Maselli, has a special trade secret to having a successful life and career as a bail bond agent. It's called "relationships". Read how Lou and his wife Lucy see it as their responsibility to...
June 1, 2011

Last Week to Help Raise $25,000 for Victims’ Rights

Only about 25% of all physical assaults, 20% of all rapes, and 50% of all stalkings perpetuated against females by intimate partners are reported to the police. You can make a difference.
May 27, 2011

T.E.A. for You: Teen Parents Excelling Through Adversity

ExpertBail Agent, Gloria Mitchell, is the founder of T. E. A. for You (Teen parents Excelling through Adversity), a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities and scholarships for teenage parents to help them stay in school.
May 27, 2011

$5 per Like for Victims’ Rights

Alright everyone, listen up. We are stepping up our game & upping the donation amount to $5 per "Like" for Victims' Rights. If you haven't helped yet, now's the time!
May 26, 2011

Bail Bonds & Jail Info: Indianapolis, IN

Are you a visitor or a resident in need of a bail bond in Indianapolis, Indiana? Do you need helpful jail information? See the details below and contact ExpertBail at 800.938.BAIL...
May 24, 2011

ExpertBail Agent Ann Hill: Bail Agent Granny

ExpertBail Agent, Ann Hill, was recently on the TV program, Good Day Sacramento. Ann discusses her life as a grandma, great grandma, a restaurant owner and a bail bond agent.
May 17, 2011

Finding a Bail Bond Agent in Bay Area Just Got More Difficult…or Did It?

How do you search for services? Online, Offline, Word of Mouth? Well if you use the yellow pages, and live in San Francisco, you might need to finally invest in that laptop or smart phone.
May 13, 2011

Bail Bonds & Jail Info: Boulder, Colorado

Do you need any jail or bail bond information for Boulder, Colorado? Read ExpertBail's blog to find helpful information like phone numbers, addresses, booking and bail bond information for Boulder, Colorado.
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