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August 20, 2013

Jail Overcrowding Right in the Heart of Pretrial Country and there is no Commercial Bail Bond Industry to Blame

For years, opponents of the commercial bail bond industry have pointed the finger at bail agents and blamed...
August 20, 2013

Part 2: Understanding the Realities of the Bail Bond Industry – ExpertBail Speaks with Bev Smith

Listen to Part 2 of ExpertBail's Interview with legendary radio talk show host Bev Smith. ExpertBail's Managing...
August 19, 2013

Dr. Robert Morris of the Univeristy of Texas at Dallas talking with KRLD-AM about his recent study

Dr. Robert Morris of the Univerisity of Texas at Dallas spoke with KRLD -AM in Dallas about his recent study on the Dallas...
August 19, 2013

Understanding Bail Bonds as Insurance: ExpertBail on the Bev Smith Show

Did you know that the bail bond industry is part of the insurance industry?
August 12, 2013

Busting Bail Bond Myths in Albany, New York

ExpertBail's Managing Director, Eric Granof, spent Sunday morning talking with veteran news radio anchor Mike Patrick...
July 30, 2013

Sheriffs’ Association of Texas Survey Shows Overwhleming Support for Commercial Bail

In continued support of state and local Sheriff's association, several members of the ExpertBail Team attended...
July 15, 2013

Uncovering the Mysteries of the Bail Bond Industry on KFWB in Los Angeles

Eric Granof, Managing Director of the ExpertBail Network, speaks with KFWB in Los Angeles about the bail bond industry and explains...
July 1, 2013

ExpertBail Agent Lou Maselli Honored with Featured Business in Fremont, California

The entire team at ExpertBail, would like to congratulate Lou Maselli of Maselli Bail Bonds in Fremont, California...
July 1, 2013

ExpertBail Shares Bail Bond Industry Insights On Top Consumer Affairs Website

Most consumers know very little about the bail bond industry. In fact, if they were ever in the position of needing one, most would have no idea what to do or...
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