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Why ExpertBail?

ExpertBail was created to separate the high quality bail bond agent from the low quality bail bond agent. It is our goal to change the perception of our industry by delivering at the highest level possible. We want to educate the public on how we support the criminal justice system and increase public safety. Not only are we setting the bar on how the bail bond experience should be, but we want to spread awareness about the positive side of bail bonds.

After years of being misrepresented by the news media, the movies and a few bad apples in the industry, we have finally had enough. Hollywood has made billions of dollars by positioning bail bond agents as delinquents, scumbags and criminals. This is not the case and we want to set the record straight. Bail agents spends a lot of time in jails and courtrooms, but this does not make them criminals.

When people run into life's unpredictable moments, we know they need comfort and direction. They need an expert to help them navigate the unfamiliar bail bond process. We are here to help.

Why ExpertBail