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Bail Month 2014 - BAIL FACT #8

Thursday, September 11, 2014

bail fact #8The commercial bail industry is the one entity within the criminal justice system that guarantees its performance.  In fact, it makes that guarantee to the tune of over $14 billion a year.  And it does this without any cost to the state, county or taxpayer.  On the other hand, public sector pretrial service agencies, while releasing defendants without any financial security to cover the financial liability established by the court, do not guarantee their performance in any way whatsoever.  Additionally, these public sector pretrial programs operate at a significant cost to the state, county and taxpayer.  This cost has been estimated to be over $100,000,000 annually.  

The commercial bail industry has proven itself time and time again to be the most effective form of pretrial release.  With the lowest failure to appear rates and the lowest cost to the county ($0), doesn't it make sense for states and counties to embrace the commercial bail bond industry as the most trusted partner in the criminal justice system that helps maintain accountability and effectiveness of the system.

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Posted by: Eric Granof

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