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Bail Month 2014 - Bail Fact #7

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bail Fact #7 2014If you were to only read the materials being distributed by advocates of public sector pretrial services (groups like the Pretrial Justice Institute and the Justice Policy Institute) then it would be easy to understand how you might think that most people in the criminal justice system are against commercial bail.  Additionally, based on information posted on the PJI website, it gives the appearance that groups such as the National Sheriffs' Association and the American Bar Association all support public sector pretrial services and want commercial bail eliminated. 

While these claims of endorsement are one thing, The ExpertBail team thought it would go right to the source and ask a wide range of criminal justice stakeholders at the 2012 eCourts Conference, what they thought about the commercial bail industry.  These stakeholders included law enforcement, court clerks and adminstrators, judges and attorneys.  The results were anything but supportive of the claims being made by the advocates of public sector pretrial release.  In fact, they couldn't have been more opposite.  The results are below...

  • 91% said that commercial bail plays an important role in the criminal justice system (68% said very important)

  • 50% described bail bondsman as professional, 32% as helpful, 21% as intimidating

  • 76% felt that the bail bond industry was effective at getting defendants back to court (31% said extremely effective)

  • When comparing commercial bail to Pretrial Service Agencies in terms of speed of release, 49% felt that commercial bail was faster while only 5% felt that Pretrial Services Agencies were faster.

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Posted by: Eric Granof

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