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September 2014 is Bail Month - Bail Fact #1

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bail Fact #1 2014In honor of the Pretrial Justice Institute's and the Justice Policy Institute's announcement and declaration a couple years back that September should forever be known as "Bail Month", the AIA Family of Companies and the ExpertBail Network are pleased to announce that they will be celebrating with full force.  As part of the celebration, we will be providing one unique and proven "BAIL FACT" each and every day during September. 

You are probably asking yourself, why are these BAIL FACTS important?  Well, it is simple...because you won't see them anywhere on PJI's or JPI's websites.  Why you ask?  That is a great question and one we think every one deserves the answer to.  We invite any and everyone to contact both PJI and JPI and ask them for the research and the evidence that shows how effective public sector pretrial services are in getting defendants back to court.  And don't worry when they respond back to your request with a question asking where is your research...because there is plenty of it to go around.  Just check out our bail bond resource library and request any number of research studies and reports.  They all say the same thing...commercial bail outperforms ALL forms of pretrial release.

Today's BAIL FACT comes to us from the groundbreaking Helland and Tabarrock study in 2004 that was published in the University of Chicago's Journal of Law and Economics.  Have a happy "Bail Month."

Posted by: Eric Granof

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