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Bail Month 2014 - BAIL FACT #10: Bail Bonds Save Taxpayers Millions of Dollars

Monday, September 15, 2014

bail fact #10 2014In 2012, Dr. Robert Morris of the University of Texas at Dallas conducted a research study to determine the effectiveness of the four types of pretrial release mechanisms utilized in Dallas County, Texas.  These four methods included commercial bail bonds, attorney bonds, cash bonds and public sector pretrial release bonds.  After looking at over 22,000 releases granted in 2008, it was determined by Dr. Morris' research that the most effective form of pretrial release at getting defendants back to court was release through a commercial bail bondsman on a commercial bail bond.

Also as part of his research, Dr. Morris was able to calculate a cost to the county when someone fails to appear in court.  That cost to Dallas County was determined to be $1,775 per FTA.  In other words, every time a defendant didn't show up for court, the county wasted close to $1,800 in time and resources preparing for a trial that never took place.  Applying that to the rate of effectiveness of each type of pretrial release, it was determined that the commercial bail industry, by getting defendants to court, saved Dallas County over $11,000,000.  The worst and costliest mechanism for release was public sector pretrial services.

If you would like to receive copy of this research as well as other resources, visit our bail bond resource library.

Posted by: Eric Granof

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