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The Top Ten Bail Bond Blog Posts of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Best of 2013As we come to the end of another great year of ExpertBail blogging, we thought we would provide our loyal ExpertBail readers with a list of 2013's Top Ten Bail Bond blog posts

We created this list based on which stories our fans shared the most with their friends.  The #1 blog post received close to 60,000 shares on Facebook.  The top five blog posts all received over 15,000 shares.  The complete list of the top ten most shared stories on ExpertBail is included below:

#10 – Bail Bonds and Babies:  The Dark Underbelly of Baby Fight Club

#9 – Bail Bonds and Big Buildings: New Church Design Gets a Rise out of Community

#8 – Bad Girl, Drunk Girl, Dumb Girl…A Tweet to Remember

#7 – Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America

#6 – Bail Bonds and Booties: Can Baby Have Too Much Back

#5 – Bail Bonds and Boneheads: Pre-Crime Selfie Sabotage

#4 – Silly and Six:  Is a Six Year Old capable of Sexual Harassment

#3 – Bail Bonds and Barbers: Woman Barber Takes a Little Too Much Off the Top

#2 – Instagram for Felons: Psst…Everyone can See That

#1 – Shoplifting Selfie: Slip-ups and Facebook Confessions

We hope everyone enjoyed the past 365 days of blog posts and we are looking to a great 2014 of interesting, funny and what we know will be unbelievable blog posts.  Happy New Year from the entire team at ExpertBail.

Posted by: Eric Granof

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