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Bad Girl, Drunk Girl, Dumb Girl…A Tweet to Regret?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

drunkgirlSome might just say that this next story is about a kid just being a kid…or in this case a young adult just being an idiot. That is the topic of today’s bail bond blog post. If you are a college football fan (and to be honest, who isn’t) than you probably heard about this next story out of the University of Iowa this past weekend.  During this weekend’s football game against Northern Iowa, a 22 year old girl tried to storm the field. She was stopped by the campus police and given a breathalyzer test.  She blew a whopping .341.  By the way, just to put this in perspective for everyone, the legal limit for operating a vehicle is .08 while the “LETHAL” limit (you know the limit where people stop breathing) can be anywhere between .40 and .50.  That means that this young girl was walking a very thin line between drunken fun time and drunken dead time.

We wish that was the end of the story, but unfortunately it is only the beginning.  Upon being released from jail, the young girl decided to tweet her major accomplishment to the world.  She tweeted the following:

“Just went to jail #yolo”….”Blew a .341 in jail”…”I’m going to get a .341 tattooed on me because it is so epic.”

As parents, we can only hope that those are three phrases that we will never hear from our own child.  But unfortunately for this girl’s parents, it is a scary reality that may now be documented on their daughter forever in ink.  What do you think?  Was she just having fun or is this a sad reflection on the flippant attitude of our youth today?  Either way, we hope she doesn’t put this on her resume when she graduates and enters the workforce.  Read the original story below.

Original story: Samantha Lynn Goudie, Drunk Girl, Blows .341 In Jail, Tweets 'YOLO'

Posted by: Eric Granof

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