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Silly and Six: Is a 6 Year Old Capable of Sexual Harassment

Thursday, December 12, 2013

baby romeo busted for Sexual harrasmentHow many people out there have small children?  If you do, than you know that they are capable of some pretty cute and spontaneous things.  What makes some of these cute scenarios so funny is that they usually occur when young kids try and replicate things they see grownups doing.  So the topic of today’s bail bond blog post is when do these funny things cross the line of being cute to being inappropriate.   By the way, you may have heard about this story already, but we thought we would throw it out there in case you hadn’t.

This past week a student in Cannon City, Colorado was reprimanded and ultimately suspended for his behavior in school.  What did he do?  He kissed the hand of a girl student.  In addition to being suspended, the student’s school records were marked with a “sexual harassment” label.  Still with me?  So what is the problem with this you ask?  A student kissed another student without their permission…they probably shouldn’t have done that.  Well, here is the issue.  The student was a six year old boy.  Did the school go too far?  Is this a scenario of a kid being a silly kid, or is it really an act of sexual harassment? BTW, the boy’s recorded was relabeled from “sexual harassment” to “misconduct.” Read the original story below.

Original article: Colorado boy, 6, suspended for kiss gets allegations on record changed from 'sexual harassment' to 'misconduct'

Posted by: Eric Granof

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