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VERA Truth Video #9

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

VERA Truth #9We are pleased to present the next video in the VERA Truth series out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  This next video focuses on the VERA Risk Assessment process that so miserably failed in the Akien Scott case.  Akien Scott, commonly referred to as the Mother's Day Shooter, was given a risk score of 3 out of 24.  Even though he had multiple previous charges for gun and drug possession, he was still considered a "low" risk according to the VERA Institute.  The question posed in the video is who does qualify as a 24, or the highest risk individual.  Based on the make up of the current risk assessment questionnaire, it almost seems impossible for someone to be rated a high-risk.  Does that mean that in VERA's eyes there is no such thing as a defendant who is high risk?  How does that way of thinking keep the public safe?

Posted by: Eric Granof

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