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VERA Truth Video #4

Thursday, September 12, 2013

VERA Truth #4Below is the third video in the VERA Truth series that is currently showing on YouTube.  Did you know that when VERA conducts one of their evidenced based risk assessments that they rely on the defendant for information?  Did you also know that when they receive that information, they rarely if ever verify it?  At least that is what happened in the case of Akein Scott (the accused Mother's Day shooter), when the VERA Institute rated him a risk level of 3 out of 24 even though he had an extensive criminal recrod which includes the following charges: Illegal carrying of weapons, Illegal possession of a stolen firearm, Resisting an Officer, Possession of Heroin, Illegal carrying of weapons with Drugs and Contraband in Jail.  VERA says they are an effective way to assess risk of defendants. VERA says that their risk assessment process will increase public safety in New Orleans.  What do you say?  Is this worth $623,000 in taxpayer dollars? Watch the video below.


Posted by: Eric Granof

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