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New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Association Calls Bail Reform Impractical

Monday, August 11, 2014

NJ Chiefs of PoliceIn a recent letter to the Editor on, the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Association questions the need for bail reform. According to the letter, written by Chief of Police, Nils R. Bergquist Jr., the proposed bail reform legislation will not fix the problems plaguing New Jersey's criminal justice system, but rather will only add an ineffective and inefficient layer of bureaucracy that the state and local counties cannot afford both fiscally and socially.  According to Chief Bergquist, police resources will be taken off the street to help process those awaiting risk assessments.  This type of action will tax our current already underfunded law enforcement groups, creative bigger deficiencies in the system and make our streets less safe. 

It is time that people start addressing the real challenges in the criminal justice system and pass legislations that reinforces the components that work and improves those that dont...that would be real reform driven by real results.  Read the original letter below.

Original article:  LETTER: Bail reforms impractical for police

Posted by: Eric Granof

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