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Public Opinion Poll in NJ Does Not Support Bail Reform

Monday, August 4, 2014

bail reform pollWhile legislators in New Jersey burn the midnight oil on which way to go on the state's proposed bail reform legislation, the public is speaking out loud and clear.  In a recent poll conducted by, the public was asked if they agree with the current bail reform legislation being backed by Governor Christie.  After a little more than 24 hours the results are in and they are probably not what the Governor expected.  By an over 2 to 1 result, people are against the proposed bail reform bills. 

Hopefully it’s time the elected representatives in New Jersey will start listening to the public and all facts about “bail reform.” It is time to realize that the challenges existing in New Jersey’s criminal justice system are not caused by the commercial bail industry, but instead are caused by large inefficiencies within other parts of the criminal justice system. 


Currently the poll results are as follows:

25.79%    Yes, the changes they would bring make sense
59.6%      No, state Assembly members still have questions regarding bail reform
11.2%      I agree with one of the changes but no both
3.4%        No opinion/other

Check out the original article below and feel free to vote in the poll.

New Jersey Bail Reform Online Poll: Poll: Do you agree with bail reform legislation backed by Christie?

Posted by: Eric Granof

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