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Woman Flees From Cops, Drives into River, Drinks Beer

Thursday, January 12, 2017

drunk woman in riverThis woman had quite an interesting approach to hiding from cops... She accelerated her car straight into the Susquehanna River! Police spotted a woman driving who had fled from them earlier for running a stop sign, but before they were able to apprehend her, she gunned the engine and went sailing into the river! On purpose?!

She gunned it so hard that she ended up propelling her SUV about 20 feet off-shore! That get-away backfired! The officers did eventually make their way to her car, which she continued to sit in. When they attempted to talk to her, and remind her that she was sitting in a river, she continued to drink her beer in the driver’s seat and ignore them.

Maybe it was her last beer before her road trip to jail. The officers eventually got a boat from the fire department, which they used to get the woman back to shore. The woman was taken to a local hospital and police continue to investigate the odd situation.

Original article: Beer-Drinking Woman Launches SUV Into River, Keeps Drinking

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image credit: Newser