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Couple Arrested for Cannabis Christmas Tree

Thursday, January 5, 2017

cannabis christmasPolice recently raided a home that they had good reason to believe had cannabis growing at the property, but were stumped at first. Turns out, what appeared to be a festively decorated Christmas tree, complete with tinsel, baubles and a golden angel on top wasn’t what it appeared to be!

They soon realized after they inspected things closer, that it was a heavily disguised cannabis plant! Merry Christmas!

The raid ended up being very worthwhile, after all. They seized the “Christmas tree” along with finding an entire small cannabis farm, complete with equipment, in the home. 

The cops ended up posting a picture of the “tree” on their Twitter account. “Not your traditional Xmas tree! Two arrested on suspicion of cannabis cultivation.” 

A man and a woman who lived at the property were arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis. They both met bail and are out, pending further enquiries. 

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Original article: Hiding in Plain Sight - Police find Cannabis Plant in home disguised as Christmas Tree