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Man Steals $75,000 from Walmart

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Well, this is concerning! A man posing as a Loomis Guard got away with $75,000 from a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma! 

The man entered the store, implied he was an officer with Loomis, and was able to leave with the money that he claimed was going to be a deposit. Wal-Mart officials said they do have policies and procedures in place for this kind of a situation, but were unable to say if they were actually followed or not with this man on the run.

Unfortunately, security cameras didn’t capture the car’s license plate number, but they are requesting security video from the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to see if the suspect’s car is seen getting on nor off the turnpike at any locations around the store. 
Police believe that the suspect had done extensive research in order to get away with the money so easily, and are even looking into the possibility of him being connected to either Wal-Mart or Loomis. They don’t believe he was armed at the time of the robbery and was more than likely not local to the area. 

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Original article and image credit:  Bristow Police Following Leads In Wal-Mart Robbery