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Sick of Waiting at the ER? Start the sprinkler system!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

This woman knows how to start a scene in the hospital! Apparently, Katlyn Milligan, 20, was very, very sick - of waiting!

While waiting in the ER in North Carolina for what seemed like an eternity (to her), she decided to hold a lighter up to the sprinkler system, which immediately started going off and ended up flooding the room with about a half inch of water! She wasn’t messing around!

Police described the scene as “chaotic and disastrous” as “copious amounts of water” poured down into the ER. Ms. Milligan claims she had been waiting for about two hours in the ER, as a relative got treated for a back problem. That was just too long for her, so she proceeded to go into the bathroom to set her plan into motion!

What one official described as the “busiest time of the day”, wasn’t an excuse in Milligan’s book. She did, however, manage to speed things up in one way. Once it was determined what had happened, she was taken into the ER herself to get checked for effects from exposure to the sprinkler’s stagnated water. After the doctor’s gave her a clean bill of health, the cops stepped in and arrested her. 

She was charged with burning personal property, damage to personal property, and molesting a fire extinguishing system. That’s an interesting charge! She is now out on $5,000 bail. 

Luckily, the ER was able to return to normal operations within two hours of the incident. They also pointed out that their average wait time is 27 minutes, less than half that of most other hospitals in their surrounding area. Guess it didn’t matter to Katlyn!

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Original article and image credit: Woman set off hospital ER’s sprinkler system because she was sick of waiting: cops