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Local Bail Agent Educates New Orleans on WWL Radio

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WWLIn the ongoing budget debate between the VERA Institute and the City of New Orleans, a new radio interview sheds light on the many deficiencies and shortcomings of VERA's process and overall role in New Orleans' criminal justice system.

Local Bail Bond Agent, Matt Dennis, spends close to an hour with Garland Robinette on his show "The Think Tank."  During the interview Mr. Dennis explains the failures of VERA's so called "risk assessment" and the taxpayer funded groups' refusal to share its data with the city of New Orleans.  The radio host, Mr. Garland, is not only shocked by the information being provided by Mr. Dennis, but is also shocked and curious as to why no one at the VERA Institute was willing to make an appearance on the show to debate Mr. Dennis.  Listen to the full interview below.  While it is lengthy, it is worth the listen.

Posted by: Eric Granof

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