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ExpertBail Agent Jeremy Hubbard at it Again on KBET - AM

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

KBETExpertBail Agent and President of the Washington State Bail Agent's Association, Jeremy Hubbard, is at it again.  This time he is talking about the bail bond industry with KBET AM in Las Vegas. 

Once again the issue is Oregon and the lack of accountability in its criminal justice system.  According to Hubbard, because Oregon does not allow commercial bail it has become a safe zone for fugitives.  Additionally its current 10% bail system has an over 40% failure to appear rate which costs Oregonians potentially millions of taxdollars (cost of an FTA is over $1,300 per defendant).  With tax dollars coming at a premium these days, maybe its time for Oregon to step up and give real meaning to criminal justice reform by re-introducing commercial bail.  The public deserves to be safe, taxpayers deserve to not have their money flushed away, and victims deserve to have their day in court.  Click on the orange button below to hear the quick 9 minute interview.


Posted by: Eric Granof

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