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Bail Bondsmen: Making Sure They Show Up For Court

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Licking News Story on BailIt definitely doesn't happen as often as it should, but it seems like there are never enough good positive stories about the bail bond industry.  And please understand that when I make that statement it is not directed at the bail industry but rather the missed opportunity of the media.  The unfortunate reality is that most of the stories that you see about bail bondsman are written based on the myth that has been perpetuated by Hollywood screenwriters and the media.  We are bad guys doing a bad job and letting bad people out of jail.  That being said, Durga Walker of the Licking News in Missouri stepped forward yesterday and published a very straightforward and honest article about what it is that a bail agent actually does. 

While most people think that bail agents just let people out of jail, the article points out that the bail agents job doesn’t start there, but rather starts once the person is already out...because the ultimate job of the bail bond agent is to ensure that the defendant shows up for court.  When that happens, the whole criminal justice system seems to operate more effectively and efficiently.  When defendants show up for court, victims and those accused get a chance at justice, taxpayers don’t waste money on a trial that never happens, accountability is maintained in the system and most importantly the public is kept safe by not having fugitives running through the streets.  Also, we'd like to give a big shout-out to Steven Lawhead, who was interviewed for the article and did a good job explaining the often mis-understood “risk management” aspect of bail as well as the important role that bail plays in the criminal justice system.  Read the original article below.

Original article:  Bail bonding: The job starts with the bailing out

Posted by: Eric Granof

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