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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bail Month Fact #5 comes from the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.  If there was one piece of evidence that the pretrial community would accept, you think that it would be a research study conducted by a governement entity (whcih by the way, who also funds pretrial's cause).  The particular study that we pulled this next Bail Month Fact from was a study conducted by BJS for 14 years.  During those years they examined pretrial releases in the 75 largest counties in the US.  Each and every year financially secured release (commercial bail) outperformed pretrial release.  The study also points out the point in time, 1998, in which the use of financially secured release outpaced the use of pretrial services.  The pretrial community will tell you that this is due to the lobbying efforts of the bail bond industry, while the reality is that judges prefer commercial bail to pretrial release because it is more effective (check out the recent bail bond survey that our team conducted with judges at their 2012 conference in New Orleans). 

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Posted by: Eric Granof


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