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Bail Bonds and Big Bottoms, What Girl Wants Em?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

big bottom bail bondsOnce we saw the title of this next article we knew we had to write a bail bong blog post about it.  Not because it has anything to do with getting a bail bond or the bail bond industry in general, but because it had to do with “Illegal Butt Injections.”  And as my 7 year old says every day, anything involving the word “butt” is funny.  Now we have to admit that the word “butt” does make us chuckle a bit, but when we heard this story out of Queens, New York, we didn’t just chuckle but also cringed with pain and disbelief.

Several months ago a woman in Queens, was offering her services up as a pseudo plastic surgeon specializing in ladies rear ends…or as my son so eloquently puts it…BUTTS. While most women I have ever met usually complain that their butt is too big, this woman specialized in helping women that thought their but was too small.  Her total number of clients….2….hmmmm….just saying…not sure that there are a lot of women out there that think they need this service, but just like everything in the world, if there is a need there is someone willing to fill that need.  The problem in this instance is that the need was a “bigger butt” and that need was being filled by an illegal injection with a big ole needle of something described as a “clear gel-like substance” by a woman who was no closer to being a doctor than a pet cat is to being a rocket scientist.  Anyway, for those that felt the injections were an affordable and good idea, the process was simple: the women paid $2,300 and then the so called Dr. injected their butt with the substance.  The next few steps in the process usually involved an incredible amount of paid, a really bad infection and then the customer ending up at the hospital looking at the possibility of death…now to be honest, that part is definitely not good for repeat business or referrals.  Everyone should be happy to know that no one died and that the woman playing Dr. was sentenced this week to up to 3 years in prison.

So the next time your wife asks you does her butt look big in those jeans…tell her about this story…and then say “Absolutely NOT!”  Read the original article below.

Original article: Queens Woman Who Gave Illegal Butt Injections Sentenced to Jail Tuesday

Written by: Eric Granof

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