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Bail Bondsmen and Browns: Going Public About Protecting the Public in Ohio

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10% bail failWhen a defendant is released by the court on a 10% bond, there is an assumed promise by the court to supervise that defendant and not only ensure that defendant shows up for court, but also ensure that the defendant is not out committing additional crimes. Additionally, when that defendant fails to appear in court, it becomes the responsibility of an overburdened law enforcement agency to go after these fugitives.  Unfortunately, in most cases, these fugitives arent pursued and remain at large. The reality of this type of 10% pretrial release is that there is no real or effective level of supervision provided.  There aren’t the resources for the county or the incentive for a defendant to show up.  And law enforcement is too busy and strapped for resources to go after each and every fugitive who fails to appear for court.  It is for this reason why release on a 10% bond has been shown to be one of the most ineffective ways to release a defendant pretrial.  Unfortunately this ineffectiveness resulted in the murder of a prominent Ohio businessman. 

In Cleveland, Ohio, a former Cleveland Brown NFL player is stepping up to create awareness about the ineffectiveness of this type of pretrial release and promote one of the most effective solutions in the criminal justice system, financially secured release through a commercial bail bondsman.  Check out this recent story which aired yesterday on Channel 19 Action News in Cleveland.   Watch the video and read the article below.

19 Action News|Cleveland, OH|News, Weather, Sports

Original article: Former Brown Teaming Up With Bail Bondsmen To Push For Safer Streets

Posted by: Eric Granof

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