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T-Shirt Testimonies: Stupid is as Stupid Does

Monday, March 2, 2015

dumb thingsWhat if a t-shirt could tell the future?  Today’s bail bond blog is about a t-shirt that might not only be able to tell the future, but deliver it as well.

This past week in Texas, a man was booked into Bell County for doing what most would consider a “dumb” thing.  The man was busted for his 9th drunk driving charge.  The prophetic element of this whole incident was that the man was wearing a t-shirt that said, “Warning, I do dumb things.”  Is this just a really good clothing choice for the day, or is it a sign that sometimes your t-shirt might be smarter than you.  Anyway, whatever the meaning of this sad yet strangely hilarious story, you still have to wonder…did he wear that shirt because his “I am with Stupid (arrow pointing up at shirt wearer)” shirt was in the laundry?  I guess we’ll never know.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Texas man with 'Warning: I Do Dumb Things' T-shirt jailed for 9th DWI

Posted by: Eric Granof

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