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Arizona Llama Drama: Llamas on the Lam

Friday, February 27, 2015

Llamas on the lamSince the invention of the social media, we as consumers have had the pleasure of being entertained with everything from people lip synching popular songs to cats and dogs doing outrageous things for the camera.  Today’s bail bond blog post includes a petting zoo, a couple llamas and a lot of giggles and in our opinion can definitely be added to the long list of social media favorites.

Yesterday in Arizona in a scene right out of a wild west movie, there was a big jail escape.  The inmates however were not of the two legged variety.  They were two leggy llamas looking to break out of there captivity and go on the lamb.  The Llama drama became the news story of the day as they made their way through several Sun City residential streets avoiding people, cars and yes, lassos. The jig was eventually up when they were both corralled back by several of the onlookers.   Check out the original llama drama story and video below.


Posted by: Eric Granof

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