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Mom Given Ticket for Breastfeeding WHILE Driving

Sunday, September 13, 2015

breastfeeding in carTaking care of your child is always something everyone will support. But when you’re breastfeeding while you’re driving down the interstate, it’s probably not going to fly!

That’s what happened to this woman, who was pulled over by troopers after a person called 911 saying they saw a boy sitting on the woman’s lap while she was driving down the road.

Turns out she was breastfeeding her one-year-old and admitted to doing it many times before. Yikes! She said her child wouldn’t stop screaming, so she scooped him up to breastfeed to calm the child down while they were speeding down the road. Definitely not the safest course of action!

The woman was given a ticket for illegal child restraint and the baby was immediately put back in his car seat after the mom was pulled over.

Kind of seems like common sense, but do NOT take your child out of their car seat and put them on your lap while driving for ANY reason!

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Original article: Woman Cited For Breastfeeding WHILE Driving