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Homeowners Report Robbery, Find The Burglars Asleep In The Garage

Thursday, September 10, 2015

arrested in garageWell this seems like the dumbest thing these burglars could have done! 

Homeowners came home to find cash missing, furniture moved, and cabinets opened, along with finding their safe on the back porch. A purse was missing and the basement door was forced open, which was obviously alarming! The homeowner immediately called police and hoped that in the meantime, nothing else bad would happen.

When police showed up on the scene, they found the intruders asleep in the garage after they noticed that a light was on. One would think they would try to run from the scene of the crime, but evidently, they needed a nap first!

The criminals now face preliminary hearings on burglary and other charges and the homeowner can now sleep soundly knowing that the burglars are behind bars and her home is now safe again.

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Original article: Pair Found Asleep In Garage After Homeowners Report Burglary