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Meth Lab Remnants Found Inside Taco Bell

Monday, August 17, 2015

taco bell meth labOne thing you don’t expect to find at a fast food Taco Bell restaurant? A meth lab! That’s exactly what happened at this Taco Bell in Cedar Rapids, though! Authorities found components for making methamphetamine stashed inside the restaurant and quickly closed it for business.

Two men ended up being arrested, one of which was an employee, on meth-related felony drug charges. I bet that Taco Bell chain owner was one surprised and upset person!

Taco Bell Corporation quickly issued a statement calling the incident “unacceptable” but “isolated” and the employee was immediately terminated, while the franchisee considers pressing criminal charges. 

So how does one realize there is a meth lab operating in your local taco bell? An anonymous tip set officers to the fast-food restaurant to check out a suspicious person report. The Taco Bell was closed at the time, but that was when the police found the two men inside. The restaurant’s manager was quickly called to the scene and was escorted inside with the cops to see what was going on.

Remnants of the meth lab in a utility area were found, but they were unable at the time to tell if meth had actually been cooked in the restaurant or if it was just for storage. 

The parking lot was taped off as police officers entered the restaurant in hazardous materials suits to examine the contents. The restaurant was reopened later that same evening after everything was cleaned out, sanitized, and inspected by the Health Department.

That doesn’t exactly give a glowing recommendation to the community to come and eat at your Taco Bell!

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Original article: Meth Lab Remnants Found in Cedar Rapids Taco Bell