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Shoplifters Say They Heard “Free Holiday” Blame Their Ears

Sunday, August 16, 2015

shoplifters arrestedIsn’t it fitting that when shoplifting suspects get caught, they always have a story about why it was a misunderstanding?!

That’s exactly what happened to Simone Norris, 26, and Brittany Yawn, 23! They claim it was all a misunderstanding. The two were shopping at a local mall recently, which was full of back-to-school shoppers and deals. One of those deals, however, was apparently very confusing.

Everyone was there to take advantage of Georgia’s Tax Free Holiday. Who wouldn’t want to buy all of their school supplies and not have to pay tax on it! Unfortunately, these two women claimed to have misunderstood the tax-free holiday and helped themselves to several items totaling around $800! And walked out!

Officers inside the mall caught one of the suspects in the act and the second suspect was outside in the parking lot already wearing the stolen merchandise. They were immediately arrested and charged with felony shoplifting. 

Their excuse? “We thought it was “FREE Holiday. As in you take what you want without paying for it,” they told the police. 

Oh man… if something sounds too good to be true, it generally is, and hopefully these women have learned their lesson! They were both released after posting bond.

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Original article and image credit: Alleged Shoplifters Say They Heard “Free Holiday” Instead of “Tax Free”