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Man Suspected of Robbing Subway After “Jared Diet” Failed

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

subway diet failWe all feel robbed after trying something, like a diet, only to fail, and are a bit frustrated. However, we don’t go around robbing the business that wronged us!

Well, Zachary Rapheal Torrence, 18, did and not only did he rob one Subway, but FOUR! He was brought to justice when a citizen recognized him at Walmart from surveillance photos.

Torrence was arrested at the Walmart after a citizen followed him around the store until police arrived. He is being charged with first-degree robbery and his bail bond is set at $250,000.

While he quickly admitted to the hold-ups, investigators weren’t sure if his reason for doing so was for real or not! “I don’t know if he was kidding or not, but he said he had tried the Jared diet and it hadn’t worked for him, so he wanted his money back,” said the police chief.

After the four robberies, police distributed surveillance photos and video to the media and also posted it on their Facebook page. 

Torrence was shopping at Walmart for a new holster for the gun he had used in the robberies. He was wearing the same clothes in his wanted posters and the gun was quickly recovered from his car.

Thank goodness for the keen eye of a fellow shopper at Walmart!

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Original article and image credit: Accused Subway Restaurant Robber Captured, Tells Cops “Jared Diet” Failed Him