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Bank Robber Busted After He Stops for Biscuits

Sunday, July 12, 2015

bank robber stops for bisquitsThis bank robber must have thought he was invincible after he robbed a bank! Shane Lindsey, 32, was arrested minutes after he robbed a bank by handing the teller a note demanding money. She gave him a bag of money and he ran from the bank. The teller described Lindsey to police who were able to use a surveillance camera at a nearby restaurant to find him.

That’s right! He decided to stop for a bite to eat after his big bank heist! Maybe he just needed a couple of bucks for lunch?

Lindsey entered Eazer’s Restaurant and went into the men’s room, where he removed the clothing he wore during the robbery. He then went back into the dining room, sat down, and ordered some food. Police quickly found him and arrested him on the spot.
Even more crazy? He left his discarded clothes and the bag of money in the restaurant’s bathroom, which the cops found quickly as well.

Lindsey admitted to the heist and is pleading guilty to the robbery. He told police he needed the money because he recently lost his job and “doesn’t have anything going for him.” Or he was hungry.

He now has been sentenced to 2-4 years in prison and is also serving another 16-to-60 month prison sentence for an unrelated burglary. Looks like he’ll have plenty of time on his hands to turn his life around!

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Original article and image credit: Arnold Man Pleads Guilty to New Kensington Bank Robbery