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Man Learns the Hard Way Not To Fake His Identity

Friday, June 26, 2015

When you get in trouble for something in New Zealand, why add to it by giving the cops a fake name? That’s exactly what this 23-year-old did and it backfired on him big time! Karma!

The young man was pulled over by police and in his moment of panic, gave the cops a fake name. He never imagined that the fake name he gave would land him in jail!

The fake person he was pretending to be was actually wanted for breaching bail conditions, so he found himself locked up for things he never even did! Serves him right.
The man even had to appear in court under the fake name, because police didn’t believe that he was telling the truth after claiming he was only kidding about that name. But since people aren’t fingerprinted when they are found breaching bail conditions, it was his word against theirs.

Lucky for him that once he appeared in court, prison official recognized who he really was. It didn’t exactly get him out of trouble, though. He remained in custody and faced charges of driving while disqualified, giving false details and perverting the course of justice. I bet he won’t make that mistake again!

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Original article and image credit: Man chooses wrong false name to give police