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Man Accused of Illegally Seeking Drinking Buddies

Friday, September 22, 2017

man arrestedThis is one way to make sure you aren’t drinking alone... but it's definitely not the smartest way! This guy decided he was done drinking alone, so he forced his way into a home with two 12-packs of beer (hey at least he brought drinks!). 

Sean Haller, 39, now faces charges including criminal trespass and remained in jail after not being able to post bond. 

The police reported that a woman called the cops because Haller had entered her home and refused to leave. That must have been pretty scary!

Turns out he had done the same exact thing to another woman and broke into her home earlier that day. He was determined to find himself a drinking buddy!

Police found Haller in the second woman’s home, but he continued to refuse to leave.

Finally, the officers had to go inside and physically remove him, where they than proceeded to arrest him, as well.

On the bright side, he’ll now have a bunch of drinking buddies in jail he can make plans with once he gets out! Did the women get to keep the beer?!

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Original article: Man Who Didn’t Want to Drink Alone, Breaks In With Beer

image credit: By Viktor Hanacek