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Armed Robbers Pick Wrong Venue; Bar Filled With Cops

Friday, September 15, 2017

monaghans pubThese guys picked the wrong day to hit up this local bar! A group of police officers were gathered at the bar for a retirement party when two masked men approached the carryout counter demanding cash. 

The bar’s owner, Jack Milani, made it clear what was happening and some of the off-duty officers attending the retirement party chased the robbers! The men were arrested nearby. 

Joseph McInnis III, 21, and Tyree McCoy, 22, were charged with armed robbery, theft and related offenses. Neither has an attorney to the knowledge of the court.

The owner of the bar was surprised someone would attempt to commit a robbery at his business, since it is located just across the street from the police precinct station! During shift changes, there are generally a lot of squad cars coming and going, along with many of the officers being regular customers.  

The party during the robbery was for a longtime officer at the precinct and was happy that his guys were able to help a business close to their hearts. 

Next time, these silly robbers should probably do a little recon in the business they are going to attempt to rob!

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Original article: Armed Men Accused of Holding Up Bar, Where Cops Were Celebrating Officer’s Retirement

image credit: Image credit Jacque Schrader via Yelp