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Library Police: Throwing the Book at Consumers

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

stealing library booksWhile most people wouldn’t put a library and needing a bail bond in the same sentence, this next story out of Wisconsin actually does.  Have you ever checked a book out of the library and then forgot to return it.  It has probably happened to all of us at one time.  While this can be a common occurrence, one woman in Wisconsin got a not so common result. 

This past week in Green Bay, Wisconsin a woman was driving her car when she got into an accident.  The accident was bad enough to result in a trip to the hospital.  After receiving medical care, the woman was visited by police and that is when her trouble started.  Apparently the woman had an outstanding warrant out for her arrest.  The charge?  Overdue library books.  Yep, the library police had found their fugitive and it was time for justice.  According to authorities the overdue library books were worth a total of $499.  The library claims to have sent notifications to both email and regular mail, but surprisingly the woman never received any of them.

The woman was taken directly from the hospital to jail where she spent about 10 minutes before being bailed out of jail by her friend.  So the next time you are checking a book out at the library, remember to bring it back because when you are sitting in jail talking with other inmates, the last thing you want to brag about is being in their because you stole a library book.  Read the original story below and watch the video of the local news coverage.

Original article: Overdue and under arrest! Woman gets JAIL TIME for library books

Written by: Eric Granof

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Image courtesy of Chris Madden illustration