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Tennessee Steps up and Bags the Sag

Monday, May 19, 2014

bag the sagIf you are tired of seeing the brand of underwear that teenage boys are wearing as they walk down the street than you are probably like the rest of us and will be happy once you read today’s bail bond blog post.

We have all seen them…kids (and some adults) wearing their pants so low that you can see their underwear.  Sometimes you have to wonder how comfortable it could be to be having your pants just fall down constantly, but then again, no one ever said that fashion equated to common sense.

That being said, if you are anything like us, than you will be be happy to hear that a small city in Tennessee recent banned the unsightly an disrespectful fashion statement.  Residents in the city of Pikeville, Tennessee unanimously voted to make sagging pants illegal.  The penalty…a $25 fine for the first offense and $50 for any subsequent offenses.  Hopefully this new law with help bag the sag.  Read the original story below and watch the video of the newscast.

Original article: Victory! City in Tennessee Makes Sagging Pants Illegal

Written by: Eric Granof

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