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Kim Kardashian Finally Reveals Too Much

Friday, November 9, 2012

kardashianAs most people know, Kim Kardashian is not shy about showing off her personal “assets” (get it?).  As one of the most viewed people on the internet and in social media, Ms. Kardashian is always putting herself and her opinions into the public eye for all to see.  But this past weekend, Ms. Kardashian finally may have revealed a little too much information about herself.  While in the privacy of her voting booth, this crazy Kardashian, pulled out her cell phone and photographed her……

This is point at which we try to create a little suspense for you so that you can begin to wonder what the heck she photographed.  Was it a body part…if so which one? Was it another person…if so who?

Well, unfortunately, the story is not all that interesting because all she did was photograph her election ballot.  The problem with this is that in New York it is a crime to “share any memorandum of voting process in the booth.”  Even though Ms. Kardashian is registered to vote in California, she still may be in a little hot water (and no, we aren’t talking about a hot tub).

The only defense for the Hollywood starlet, other than the fact that she is incapable of not sharing too much information, is that she hadn’t filled out her ballot yet.  So at least, she will probably stay out of jail and not need a bail bondsman in the near future…at least not this week.  Read the original story below.

 Original story: Kim Kardashian could go to jail over politically-themed tweet

Posted by: Eric Granof

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