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If You Steal an ATM, Make Sure Your Getaway Vehicle Can Handle It

Friday, July 24, 2015

stolen atmTwo thieves recently attempted to steal an ATM machine from a business, but they didn’t make it very far. The machine fell out of the getaway van in the same parking lot they stole it from!

The police were able to recover the ATM machine right away, but have yet to find the burglars who tried to get away with it!

Two men backed up with a van to the business, cut the cables to the ATM, and loaded it into their van. But when the thieves drove too fast over a speed bump in the parking lot, the ATM machine came tumbling out of the van mere yards from where they stole it from.

The suspects immediately drove off without it, but the van was spotted Monday morning with nobody in sight. The police impounded the van so they could look for evidence, but so far nothing has been found. 

Sneaky, sneaky!

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Original article and image credit: Thieves Steal ATM Machine, But It Falls Out of Getaway Van