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Drunken Man Drives Riding Mower to Friend’s House

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

drunk man lawnmowerWe all know that if you’ve been drinking, don’t drive! This man, however, thought he’d be just fine if he drove his lawn mower instead. At least the thought was there, right?

Tyler O Anspach, 25, had a blood-alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit when he was spotted by the police.  His alcohol level was 0.212 percent, to be exact! Calls had come in about an agitated man making threats and driving a lawn mower along the road and things quickly escalated once the police arrived.

State troopers eventually had to use a rope to secure Anspach, who was combative and resisting arrest. He was determined to make it to his friend’s house! When the cops arrived, he was standing in the road with a case of beer and threatened the trooper that responded to the scene. 

Cops could smell the booze on him and observed him stumble as he walked. He had slurred and slow speech and quickly became uncooperative and wouldn’t listen to the police requests. He quickly was taken into custody after back-up arrived and even told the cops they better watch their backs, as he was “Going to (expletive deleted) kill you.”

Anspach has already received three drunk driving convictions in the last 10 years and has a suspended driver’s license, as well. Looks like this is just another in a long line of convictions that he’s going to receive!  

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Original article and image credit: Drunken riding mower driver had box of beer