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Holiday Thief Tricked Into Stealing Box of Dog Poop

Sunday, December 20, 2015

holiday package thief gets poopEvery thief deserves to get tricked like this if they are going to steal holiday packages from people! 

A Las Vegas homeowner came up with quite the creative fix to his problem of someone stealing packages from the front doorsteps in his neighborhood.

Eric Bardo decided to leave a package on his front doorstep to entice the thief into stealing, once again. Only this time, he left the thief with a little creative surprise. The package wasn’t one that was delivered to him; it was a box filled with dog poop! The perfect way to keep the thieves away. And it worked!

After four days of the package sitting on his doorstep, he captured the thieves taking the decoy package away with his security cameras and was able to provide police with the information he obtained. It doesn’t look like these thieves will be stealing deliveries from anyone’s door anytime soon! Mr. Bardo is a local hero!

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Original article: Homeowner tricks holiday package thief into stealing box of dog poop

Image credit: WGN9 NEWS