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Hit-and-Run Ratted Out By Her Own Ford Focus

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

hit and run arrestedWhoops! Just when we think that SMART cars are the new thing, this one goes and rats out its owner! Yep, it's another Florida story here folks! 

The police were called to the scene of an accident where the victim, Anna Preston, said she was rear ended by a black vehicle that immediately left the scene. She was taken to the hospital with back injuries and the police were tasked with finding the hit-and-run driver.

As coincidence would have it, dispatch received an automated call from a vehicle emergency system that said a black Ford was involved in a crash and would dispatch the police through to speak to the occupants of the car. Most people would find this very helpful!

The vehicle’s owner, Cathy Bernstein, told dispatch she hadn’t been in an accident and that someone had pulled out in front of her. She said she hadn’t been drinking and was surprised her vehicle had called for help. Obviously the police were going to go check things out for themselves!

When they arrived at Bernstein’s home, they saw her car had extensive front-end damage and silver paint, matching Preston’s vehicle, on it, as well. The airbag had also been deployed. Busted!

Bernstein continued to lie and denied hitting another vehicle, claiming she had hit a tree. But after some further discussions, she finally admitted to the hit-and-run. It was also discovered she had been involved in another accident on the same day and had fled from that one, as well!

Bernstein was immediately arrested and taken to the county jail.

Original article and image credit: Car Turns Driver In For Hit-And-Run